Webinar: Master a Powerful New Way to Deal With Issues in a Timely Manner or Crushing Baby Godzillas

People avoid tough coaching conversations not because they are stupid or lazy or don’t care.  People avoid the tough coaching conversations because they don’t own a process that they have confidence in to give them courage to have those conversations.  When you are courageous you have the tough coaching conversations early.  When you have those coaching conversations early and in the right way they are no longer tough.

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One of the conversations that people are most fearful of is calling another person on a behavior or activity that is not yet right.  I say not yet right rather than wrong.  Why?  Because in many cases people don’t realize they are doing wrong.  In many cases, even if they know they are doing wrong they don’t realize the impact of their action or inaction.  In many cases the are not yet right because no one has shown them how to be right.

Even worse is not having the conversation to nourish behavior that is right and good when this behavior first appears.  If we don’t tell people they are doing great, why should they keep dong great?

Dates and Times:  December 12, 2012, January 9, 2013, January 23, 2013, and February 6, 2013.  All times at 10:00 AM PST,  11:00 AM MTN, 12:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM EST

This webinar will give you a unique and courteous tool to have those tough coaching conversations.  Soon you will find those conversations aren’t so tough.

Sample not yet right issues this tool will fix:

  • Tardiness 
  • Absenteeism 
  • Whining 
  • Poor Quality 
  • Confrontational Behaviors
  • Missing Team Orientation 
  • Missed Deadlines 
  • Poor Time Estimating
  • Low Productivity 

Sample good behaviors this tool will nurture:

  • Good Team Player 
  • Excellent Quality Work 
  • Great Attendance 
  • Hitting Deadlines 
  • High Productivity

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Trainer-John Cameron, using appropriate humor and great process

Watch the Video Below to see John Cameron Crush Baby Godzillas

This Webinar runs 55 minutes and costs $175 per sign on. Volume and non-profit discounts available.

What you learn:

  • Why we don’t deal with issues in a timely manner
  • The costs of not dealing with issues in a timely manner
  • A powerful new checklist coaching process to deal with behaviors, right and not yet right, in a timely manner

Supporting Material Provided:

(Please print out) the 26 page hand out with seven different sample conversations, three boss/subordinate, one subordinate/boss, two doctor/patient, one father/son, one business/supplier to use during and after the webinar

You also receive a full copy of the entire webinar.

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About jcameron

People don't avoid tough conversations or tough actions because they are stupid or or lazy or don't care. People don't take on the tough things because they aren't confident and comfortable with a process to take them on. Confidence builds courage and courage leads to action. Through consulting, speaking, training and resources, using humor and great process, John Cameron helps teams and leaders own the skills, the plan and the courage to do what they must do to increase the wealth of their clients, themselves and their organizations. Before he became an energetic and powerful speaker and trainer, John Cameron was a proud member of the 1st of the 509th Airborne Battalion Combat team. After military service, he earned a business degree and worked as a stockbroker in Carmel and Sacramento, California.  John moved into the advertising field, leading his growing sales teams to 37 uninterrupted quarters of growth. During three of those quarters he was project manager during replacement of a legacy advertising system. While managing the project he led his team to double digit growth and found savings of $750K a year-without sacrificing people! When he became a speaker and trainer, John already possessed a wealth of life and workplace experiences to draw upon for his presentations. Add to this John's experience as a top trainer for major national training orgainizations and the result is consulting, training and speaking filled with strategies and techniques that have been tested and proven to work in the real world.
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