Keys to Being Consistent and Predictable Part Three

You can do more to be consistent and predictable in your life.  There are some places where inconsistency and unpredictability pay off, such as being an offensive or defensive coordinator for a football team.  Or being a military strategist.  Keeping the other people guessing is a big part of your job.  I am willing to bet that the best coordinators and strategists are infinitely predictable in the way they interact with their boss, peers, and staff.

Below are other excellent tools to help you become a great leader in your family, among friends or at work by becoming more predictable.

f. Exercise.  Exercise, moderate exercise of an hour each day, cardio and light resistance training, might be the fountain of youth.  Cardio or yoga-like exercises cause endorphins to be release that help you deal with stress, and lessen the affects of age and stress on your heart and lungs. Walking briskly has nearly the same benefit as jogging.  Most humans, even the big portion of you that are overweight, can walk.

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Resistance training-weights-will prevent some of the bone loss associated with aging.  Humans are designed, either by a maker or nature, depending on your beliefs, to exercise often and for long stretches of time.  Our spines and digestive systems are not designed to sit.  They are designed to stand or lie down.

g. Stretching.  Watch your dog or cat the next time they get up.  What is the first thing they do?  Stretch their backs.  Stretching alone, for reasons that are not clearly understand, has much of the benefit of cardio vascular type exercise and some of the benefit of weight training.  Stretching relieves stress and releases endorphins.

H. Breathing.  Simply learning to breath using your diaphragm will have amazing effects on your sense of well-being.  The next time your are in a stressful situation, practice combat breathing.  Breath deeply in through your nose for four-seconds, hold for four-seconds, fully exhale through your mouth for four-seconds, hold your empty lungs for four-seconds and repeat.  This can be done quietly, (without anyone noticing) and has immediate effects on the fight or flight syndrome that makes us nervous, afraid or aggressive when faced with a stressor

Action Items/Activity Triggers 

1.  Exercise

2. Stretch

3.  Proper Breathing


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People don't avoid tough conversations or tough actions because they are stupid or or lazy or don't care. People don't take on the tough things because they aren't confident and comfortable with a process to take them on. Confidence builds courage and courage leads to action. Through consulting, speaking, training and resources, using humor and great process, John Cameron helps teams and leaders own the skills, the plan and the courage to do what they must do to increase the wealth of their clients, themselves and their organizations. Before he became an energetic and powerful speaker and trainer, John Cameron was a proud member of the 1st of the 509th Airborne Battalion Combat team. After military service, he earned a business degree and worked as a stockbroker in Carmel and Sacramento, California.  John moved into the advertising field, leading his growing sales teams to 37 uninterrupted quarters of growth. During three of those quarters he was project manager during replacement of a legacy advertising system. While managing the project he led his team to double digit growth and found savings of $750K a year-without sacrificing people! When he became a speaker and trainer, John already possessed a wealth of life and workplace experiences to draw upon for his presentations. Add to this John's experience as a top trainer for major national training orgainizations and the result is consulting, training and speaking filled with strategies and techniques that have been tested and proven to work in the real world.
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