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Coaching to Eliminate Chronic Tardiness Part One

The best solution to chronic tardiness is to get in your time machine, go back and deal with it before you created the chronic tardiness behavior. I know that some of you are wondering how you created the behavior.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Public Speaking Part 5-Practice

“Oh, no, I hate practicing speeches, standing in front of the mirror and watching myself talk and practicing gestures.  It feels so phony!” GOOD NEWS!  You don’t have to do all of practice of your speech practice out loud.  And … Continue reading

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Keys to Being Consistent and Predictable Part Five

More keys to maintaining consistency and predictability in work and life.  Remember-a thief needs to be unpredictable to avoid the cops.  A leader, whether in a family, business, non-profit or government avoids only one thing by being unpredictable-success as a … Continue reading

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