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Public Speaking Part 4-I’ve Written my Speech. Now what?

You’ve written your speech.  Now what?  The best thing to do next, if possible, is to get more information about the individuals in your audience.  When you deliver a speech or give a talk, you don’t talk to a crowd, … Continue reading

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Deal Effectively With People Whose Styles are Different Than Yours

I started managing folks back in the old days, back before flat screens and smart phones. Before I was promoted and managed managers, I managed employees directly.   One of them was aggressive, persistent, loud, bad at math and quite … Continue reading

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Public Speaking-Part 3-What Story Do I Use When I Write My Speech?

I talked to you before about using a story in your talk or speech.  The Dale Carnegie model for a short talk, two minutes or so, is called the magic formula and it is so effective that it seems magical.  … Continue reading

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