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Persuasion: Should I Use a Story or Numbers or Both?

I read a great book a while back called Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath.  In the book the authors talked about a test of different approaches to raise money for children; sick, poor, starving children.  The test used three … Continue reading

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Early Warning System for Team’s Well-Being

Example: Sally and the other frontline supervisors typically get together at someone’s house to watch the football game.  As people gather for your weekly staff meetings there are always stories about who ate too much, great plays and bad calls, and … Continue reading

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Be a Better Boss: Create an Environment of Accountability for Leads, Supervisors, and Managers

Be a Better Boss: Create an Environment of Accountability for Leads, Supervisors, and Managers Good managers will make or break your organization.  A good leader will interview well, create an environment of accountability with more laughter and greater productivity, delegate … Continue reading

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Why Are We Having This Meeting-Part 1?

Long, long ago in a Galaxy far, far away I worked for a publishing company.  Capital Cities Communications owned the Kansas City Star and Ft. Worth Star and many other profitable newspapers, magazines and publications. Capital Cities Communication made so … Continue reading

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Accountability: Held Responsible for Right, Almost Right & Not Yet Right

Whining, absenteeism, tardiness, laziness, negativity, failure to follow instructions and resistance to being held accountable are the hot button issues I hear about constantly from clients.  Why don’t I hear this instead: I  forget to constantly look for the first … Continue reading

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Consistent, tiny efforts pay off: Piece of Fallen Live Oak Cut With a Pocket Knife

Why is this picture here?  I do many things in my life that need long, consistent effort.  Sometimes these efforts are small.  If they don’t happen, then some important things in life don’t happen.  Like brushing your teeth.  Two minutes. … Continue reading

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Problem Solving-Part Five Implement/Execute

They used to say that GM’s business model was “Ready, Ready,Ready, Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim…”  What’s missing?  “Fire!” No one ever got rich planning for gold   Guy Kawasaki Let me ask you this question.  Is it better to have … Continue reading

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Make Sure Emails are Understood and Acted on

You can make sure your emails are read, understood and acted upon simply by using a tool you use everyday in spoken conversations. The names have been changed in the following story. Sally,  a potential consulting client, came to me … Continue reading

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