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Great Sounding Words Can Get In the Way of The Truth

Even though words are the smallest part of the trinity of human communication-body language, tone of voice, and words-the wrong words will quickly kill the relationship between you and your co-workers, clients, bosses and subordinates.  You will find it more … Continue reading

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How Will You Know When You’ve Arrived-Part One?

I’m reading a great book by Dan and Chip Heath called Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. The Heaths also wrote another great book.  Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.   I was … Continue reading

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Let Your Body Language Speak the Truth

We’ve all experienced it.  You are at the gym or a bar or an airport and see a politician talking on the TV.  You can’t hear him so the only clues you have about him are his facial expressions, the … Continue reading

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Let Your Tone of Voice Speak the Truth

How important is tone of voice to getting your message across and being approachable?   Next to body language, it is the most important part of the trinity human communication- body language, words and tone.  How do you control the … Continue reading

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Prioritizing: Part Two. Communicating Changes in Priorities

You are the boss.  You have a list of priorities.  You have done a decent job of communicating this list of priorities to your employees.  You told people why things are important, their impact on the organization,  employees, yourself and, … Continue reading

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The Cost of Inaction: Does Training Make Sense? Part One

Long ago, when wheels were square and books were made of stone, I was a manager in advertising. Well, maybe it wasn’t that long ago, but it was when newspapers were still money machines.  I had just been “promoted” and … Continue reading

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