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The Importance of Being Predictable and Consistent as a Leader Part 2

If you have ten people working for you and they spend even five percent of their time mood checking you, then you have wasted half a person’s work every day. Do the math-by multiplying ten people by 5 percent. That’s half a person. Chances are they waste ten to twenty percent of the their time worrying what the crazy boss is up to and why then your staff of ten is really either 8 or 9 people. Continue reading

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The importance of consistency in Leadership Part 1

One of the most important and overlooked characteristics a good leader must have is consistency or predictability. Whatever management or leadership training you take, whether it is a management workshop, a leadership webinar or a books on management or supervision, you must own how important consistency and predictability is in a leader and practice steps to be as consistent as you can possibly be. Continue reading

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